About Solin

> Solin is a wonderful city in Dalmatia Croatia.
Situated northeast from Split, on the Adriatic Sea coast and on the river Jadro.
City itself originates on the location where the ancient city of Salona (Latin) used to be.
It used to be a capital of the Roman Empire’s county of Dalmatia.
It is a birthplace of Diocletian, a Cesar of Roman Empire.
After the arrival of Croats and Avars in the 7th century town was destroyed.
Refugees moved to settlement  around the walls Diocletian’s palace as know like Spalatum.
They turning it into a fortified town.
Long time ago, In the Early Middle Ages. Solin  was part of the Croatian territory.
Town played important role in Medieval Croatian state, being one of capital cities.
 Nowadays Solin is an attractive touristic city.
City connected very well with all bigger cities in Croatia.
With many touristic attractions.
(Klis fortress, ruins from the ancient city of Salona, ancient amphitheatre, Diocletian palace).
City is also famous with many parks next to the river Jadro.
 During July and August you and can attend variety of concerts of our traditional music.
You can enjoy traditional food. like freshly caught fish or Dalmatian prosciutto offered by local restaurants.
 You may visit our city for business or pleasure.
But pleasant hosts of Apartments Solin.
And comfortable accommodation will make your visit to the town extremely pleasant. 
In case you are interested in visiting attractions during your stay.
Please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you.<

For more useful information about kalendar of events in town, ancient city of Salona, beautiful amphitheatre, half day trip to Klis fortress. 

Please feel free to contact us or you can also visit  Official web pages of Tourist board of Solin.

Stone portrait of a girl from roman city of Salona, today Solin